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Homes in Spain
- Click here for an interactive map of Costa Del Sol


To review information on the following areas click on the links below:

COSTA DEL SOL- Click here for a map of the Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol which means the sunshine coast is one of the most sought after places in the world to live and own a property in. Costa del Sol is popular throughout the world due to its beauty and its lifestyle. Cities like Marbella, Malaga and Estepona enjoy an average of 325 sunny days a year which is Europe’s best climate. In area such as Marbella an average temperature of 21ºC in the summer and 18ºC in the winter are perfect for enjoying your home anytime of the year.

The area has gone through a transformation from being a resort for the elite and the famous in the 1950‘s to an area attracting a much more wider group of people. Today you can find young couples, businessmen and women, investor’s and retired people all enjoying the area.

Costa del Sol offers a variety of choices ranging from playing golf , going to the beach, camping, trekking, skiing in Sierra Nevadas,world class entertainment and shopping or just relaxing and people watching at local cafes.There is a cosmopolitan atmosphere in cities like Marbella and if you want to enjoy the rual Andalucian village ambiant all you have to do is drive to the numerous villages that are spreadout in the area.

The areas infrastructure is excellent and constantly improving. Malaga’s Pablo Picasso airport is Spain third busiest airport after Madrid and Barcelona and is expanding to accomedate the increasing number of travellers.There are world class hospitals and schools in the area serving the population.

Costa del Sol covers 300 km of th Mediterranean sea. The mountains that reach the coastline in some places protect the area from northern winds creating a microclimate in cities of Marbella, San Pedro and Mijas to mention a few.The area enjoys a semi-tropical climate due to the mild climate and low amount of rainfall.

Costa de Sol has become one of the most attractive places in the world to live due to the unique mixture it offers people.There are two international airports in the area, Malaga’s Pablo Picasso airport being the biggest and the busiest followed by Gibralter airport on the western side.

COSTA BLANCA NORTH - Click here for a map of Costa Blanca north
The northern Costa Blanca has been called one of the most dramatic coastlines in Spain. This is due to the area’s landscape featuring lush vegetation, mountains, white sandy beaches or rocky pebbled covered beaches. The area is also a big farming zone and you can find plenty of oranges, lemons, olives and almonds all around you.

The area offers you natural beauty and great climate. Northern Costa Blanca enjoys 320 sunny days per year and the lowest temperature one can expect is 14ºC in the winter. There is little rainfall and in the worst scenario you can expect an average of 4 rainy days per month.

The area stretches north from Alicante to the world famous city of Valencia covering smaller towns of Calpe, Javea, Moraira, Denia and Altea. The area covers a great variety and mixture making it an attractive choice for property buyers.

The lifestyle is very relaxing and easy going. It is an area where you can live the typical Spanish lifestyle. There are many historical sites in the area and if you are in the partying mood there are famous fiestas held in Valencia and other towns each year.

There are three international airports in the area which are Alicante and Valencia and the smaller airport of Murcia being used by a smaller number of airlines.

COSTA BLANCA SOUTH - Click here for a map of Costa Blanca South
In the southern part of Costa Blanca the mountains are not so close to the sea and because of this there is much more land to build on. Because of this the prices are much lower than the northern section of Costa Blanca and one can get a better value for money.

The climate is very mild and you can expect blue transplant waters and modern infrastructures in areas such as Torrevieja. The area has an average temperature of 20ºC all year around. The world health organisation has recommended the area as one of the healthiest places in Europe to live.

Many people suffering from illnesses such as arthritis, rheumatism, and asthma have come to the area to gain benefits from the salt flats which draw moisture from the air and creates a microclimate. Some also bath in the waters of the lagoons that are said to also have health benefits.

The area has two international airports, which are Alicante being the biggest and busiest followed by Murcia serving a smaller number of airlines.

COSTA CALIDA - Click here for a map of Costa Calida
Costa Calida is located in the province of Murcia between Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Until recently the area has been undeveloped and this is evident when you compare Costa Calida to the other more commercialized coastlines. The landscape features pine forests, incredible mountain views, rugged coast and the famous Mar Menor Lagoon.

The area can be classified as quiet and very secluded and is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Andalucia, Castilla and Valencia.In Costa Calida you can still find centuries old system of irrigation used for farming everything from olive groves and almonds to oranges and grapefruits.

Costa Calida which means the warm coast has been recommended by the world health organization as one of the healthiest place to live in Europe. People are also attracted to the area due to its 300 days of sunshine each year and an average temperature of 22ºC.

The warm waters of the Mar Menor are very popular both for water sports and bathing. You can also find the famous Cathedral in the provincial capital of Murcia along with excellent shopping centers.The area was one of the last places in Spain held by the Moors and this is evident in the architecture.

Costa Calida has three international airports.Alicante and Valencia are the most popular ones followed by the smaller airport in Murcia.

COSTA ALMERIA - Click here for a map of Costa Almeria
Costa Almeria is situated in the south-eastern corner of Spian.Due to the area being covered by a desert that gives it a lunar landscape Costa Almeria has not been very popular among tourists and there is little known about it outside of Spain. The area was used for filming the Italian “spaghetti westerns” of the 1960’s.

Recently holiday resorts have been developed around the coastline which covers 200 km and features the rugged wildness of the region with its quiet beaches. The climate is very dry and it features unspoilt and rugged landscape and scenery. Europe’s only real desert is found here along with some plants and agriculture which have adapted to the area.

There are three airports covering the area. Alicante being the biggest and busiest followed by the airports in Murcia and Almeria.

COSTA DE LA LUZ - Click here for a map of the Costa De La Luz
Costa de la Luz is located in the western part of Andalucia and unlike the other Spanish coasts it faces the Atlantic Ocean. Costa de la Luz stretches from Ayamonte on the Portuguese border in the province of Huelva to Tarifa in the province of Cadiz.

The area’s climate is slightly milder due to it bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The winds produced by the Atlantic Ocean make the area ideal for water sports and Tarifa is one of the most popular places in the world for windsurfing. You can also enjoy other activities in the area such as scuba diving, whale watching and dolphin adventures. The summer temperatures are very comfortable and a year around average temperature of 18ºC is not bad at all.

Costa de la Luz has some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Spain. You are only a short drive from Seville one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The area also offers excellent golf courses and delicious seafood.

The property market in the area has only been attracting foreigners in the last few years. In comparison to the other coastlines the prices are relatively lower but things will not remain like this for long.

There are four airports that can be used for travelling to Costa de la Luz. The airports in Seville, Malaga, Jerez and Gibraltar all can be used for travelling to Costa de la Luz.

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